Trial wind turbine blade run along Aarons Pass Road

Crudine Ridge Wind Farm will be undertaking final assessments for navigation of a wind turbine blade along Aarons Pass Road later this month.  This is to assist in an assessment of possible vegetation pruning or removal activities if necessary. The trial run is to facilitate turbine component deliveries anticipated to commence during June/July 2020.

The associated activities will be conducted between the hours of 7am to 5pm Monday to Saturday with traffic control in place to guarantee public safety and to ensure any disruptions are kept to a minimum.  Focus will also be maintained on dust control by means of water tankers and daily monitoring.

Crudine Ridge Wind Farm will be in regular contact with local residents and land holders regarding planned works outside or in close proximity to Aarons Pass Road properties, noting that our operations will ensure that local residents will have full use of their driveways with minimal to no disruption to their properties.

Crudine Ridge Wind Farm personnel ask that all traffic control sign posted speed limits and directions are followed for public safety and the safety of our work force.  The Team from the Wind Farm are requesting that locals are patient and understanding during this period as this will be greatly appreciated.


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